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"A brilliant day, so fantastic to see one of Sydney's hidden gems that I would otherwise never have known about. So much history and beauty. Tizzana winery was beautiful, hosts were knowledgeable and friendly. Food was great, wines were great." - R.M, Sydney

"I had no idea Sydney had wineries so it was a great education in that aspect and good to see different parts of Sydney." - L.B, Sydney

Who We Are:

Welcome to a new way to experience the wonders of wine. Based in Sydney Australia, our goal is to introduce wine curious people from all over the world to the wines and wine regions we love.

We are all about enjoying and sharing wine. Exploring, trying new things, revisiting old opinions and always being open to another perspective. We are NOT into wine snobbery, jargon and shutting people out. So, if that sounds like fun to you – jump in!

What We Do:

If you want an authentic wine experience with people who love to share their passion for wine and love of life, then welcome – you are in the right place!

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Wine Classes that demystify wine in a fun, relaxed yet professional way so people gain insights and skills that they can use for a lifetime.

Wine related articles to demystify wine and give people more confidence when it comes to wine

Who Started WineCurious?

Ben Dalton is the founder of WineCurious, and he has been in the wine game for decades in restaurants, hotels, retail and wholesale with large companies and small.

What he loves most about wine is that there is always something new to learn, and there is always a wine producer or region who is keen to provide real value for the average lover of wine.

He sees it as his mission to help bring all this together for as many people as possible.


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